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objectifying police photo, sex work, police oppression, self-defence violence, Brazilian travestis 

travesti girl crew arrested for beating a john for his money

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photo, trans history, sex work, Brazilian travestis, male nude art 

Andréa de Maio, whom some consider the last of the pimp-protector, crime-boss, dangerous motherly travestis

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photo, eye contact, love 

more of me being loved by @enum + untagged catgirls 😌

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photo, eye contact, love 

more of me being loved by @enum + untagged catgirls 😌

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looking up how brazilian women dress according to the English-speaking Internet is funny cos it just describes how I dress

> 1. Always add a dash of colour to highlight your look.
> 2. Keep a little skin on display to complement your overall look, for example with bare shoulders.
> 3. Accessories always mix up the look, and are full of personality

be colourful, show skin, and hang bling wherever you can. checks out.

amphetamines, caffeine, sugar, estrogen 

or as I call it, a well-balanced breakfast covering the 4 major nutritional groups 😌

@elilla thank ya for the link! and yeah, i mean i've barely begun braiding sweetgrass and i'm already loving it. and tending the wild pretty much shows how much the sheer sum of ethnobiological local knowledge indigenous folks have (or had) is enormous. and since california is also assumed to be one of the most populated spaces of Northern America in pre-colonial times, it's interesting to see how the land and everything on it was shaped through millennia of human "stewardship."
also, there's been a growing interest from the design world because of how resilient these Lo-TEK based structures were!


its that time where I think about Lux again so its time to repost that doodle of Lux again

GG Strive I-No opinions, otaku moment 

- the sheer domminess of those zero particles and descending intonation rethorical question without a -ka
- I-no with glasses? power move
- I-no actually wearing a bra? power move
- the way the 2 belts layer between thigh-highs and short-shorts: infinite zettai ryōiki works
- love the floating guitar gesture, much witchy
- love that the trailer features less her moves than her pokes frustrating the boys, signals that her fighting style will continue to be cockblocking, which is a
- power move

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did absolutely nothing the whole day, what a 100% great and :valid:​ day

context: my mom coming out about having joined a literal women's biker gang, posting photos etc.

extended family: "whoa you so crazy lol what a life u lead"

mom: "well you know how it is, gotta reinvent ourselves :)"

me [who doesn't talk to extended family and never participates in these discussions, popping up unannounced to contribute a single, intensely charged word]: "I agree"

was talking to somebody about how precolonial Amazonian peoples engineered the ecosystem to better living, setting up copses of food plants and medicinal herbs, shade for animals etc. that were at the same time part of the larger fabric of the forest, preserving full biodiversity.

now it just came out that archeologists are studying artificial islands – some 48 found so far, thought to be mostly of Omaguá construction. They have that kind of managed flora and are good places to look for pottery etc.

(Portuguese: )

pt-br, linguistics, phatics, discourse markers
que thread linda mona :blobcatlove:

- aí é que tá
- não e detalhe
- mas o pior não foi sem isso
- até aí tudo bem
- aí ela pegou e
- eu só acho engraçado que
- não, sim, mas

anarchists 🤝 Unicode

"don't have states, they'll
just cause problems
down the line"

(after a full week of catgirls) I miss being around catgirls it's been so long already (1 day)

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