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@anarchiv @bright_helpings @ljwrites @bgcarlisle neat! so in Indo-European there was a "mediopassive" which could be used as medial or passive but leaned medial, in most descendants it became the passive with middle going unmarked. In Ancient Greek they split up as middle and passive (in aorist and future tenses only).

I don't know Nordic syntactic history but from what the net says it appears it's doing the same thing Romance did, i.e. it reinvented middle voice using the reflexive, only we use it as a separate auxiliary and they have fused it (vi ser sig > vi ses, compare pt-br "a.gente se vê" ~= vi sig ser, note that just like João Pessoa Portuguese above the North Germanic 3rd person reflexive was generalised for all persons). it's very much in flux in Brazil rn but if it keeps in the same direction perhaps one day we'll have "a gente 'svê", "a gente isvê" to resolve the phonotactics, or "a gente vêsi" if it flips the syntax to the preferred position for bound verbal affixes


my (unexamined, intuitive) rules are:

- things that are not syllables are individual letters (n.b. a lot of things that English speakers would consider syllables, I fail to recognize as such)

- individual letters are named as in my language not English

- but recognizable English words are pronounced as in English


ls /ˈɛǀe ˈɛse/
iwlist /i.ˌda.blju.ˈlɪst/
chroot /se.aˌɡa.ˈrʊt/
ggplot /ʒe.ʒe.ˈplɔt/

one small way I try to gay the world is I use "kiss" "love" "hug" "gift" etc. as my go-to verbs in linguistics examples, rather than mainstays "eat" "beat" "kick" "kill" etc. (especially for boy subjects )

CWs have done so much to help me better consider how other people feel or what they think, they're awesome, I love them

adhd girls be like 

"oh it's ok, we still have plenty of time"

Updating my OS 🤝 Stationery shopping
Providing the feeling
of productivity

@bright_helpings @ljwrites @bgcarlisle yes and no maybe, I think we are ultimately talking about the same thing, only we love looking at it for what it is, and what people imagine when they talk about "grammar" is total bores who try to force it to be what it is not.

Most Brazilian speakers: "a.gente tá namorando" we are dating

Certain marginalised communities: a.gente tá se namorando" we are us-dating, we are self-dating

Total bores who don't know nothing about anything: And here what we see is a common grammar error called a Pronominal Pleonasm. This verb Does Not take the reflexive oblique you doofuses, it's redundant and useless, stop doing that I say tsk tsk.

Linguists: (cat ears perk up) nya? You emerged ~what~, let me see it show it to me :blobcatpeek: (grammar sense tingling) ok this is neat, can u show me where else you loves do that and we southlings wouldn't?:

* "quando tu se acordar" when you self-wake.up
* "eu nunca se meti na tua vida" I never self-intruded in your life
* "a.gente se subiu no telhado" we self-climbed on.the roof

wait wait, are you—ooh I see, you're regularising the middle voice! this is neat, we haven't seen a proper middle voice since Ancient Greek, true Romance was doing it with "se" but only for a few fixed verbs, plus if anything it's disappearing in mainstream pt (eles se separaram > eles separaram, they divorced). Did you know in Minas they're dropping it even faster? Wanna talk about it over a hike?

oh wow, that's a lot of snow.

I wonder if my place will be buried unreachable again

tactile memories, lewd implied 

hmm weird why is my back not smooth-skinned, what is this bump? acne? should I do exfoliation before sleeping or…

no, it feels like scabs 🤔 but where could I possible have hurt my back like this in the past few days, it's as if it was scratched all ove——

nyaaa〜 :blobcatmeltlove:

thinking of the first (knowingly) trans interaction I ever had. one of the first times I went out visibly trans, fully femme, in a busy music festival they have yearly in this town. in the middle of the crowd there was this sibling and I was too shy to talk or interact but they glanced at me and casually extended a fist, which I bumped. they nonchalantly carried on talking to friends and we continued our respective ways.

I'll never remember who it was even if the local scene is pretty small *cof*everybodydateseverybody*cof* but I still feel like this was one of the most epic moments of transness I ever had, a foreshadowing of the community I would soon find.

food, vegan 

seems that McDonald's spring rolls are accidentally vegan

edit: they suck

new picrew is getting attention and these planet people are an aesthetic so here's one that's us (by an artist who's done some things for celeste and parkitect!)

friend showed me an alternative way: output OBS as a virtual webcam, and use the virtual webcam in a normal voice chat (telegram or etc.). appears to work much faster for interactive gaming

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was quite tricky to reach a setup that kind of more or less work for my 1Mbps uplink (thx for the infra + guidance kind hostess), now let's see how it looks like on _their_ low bandwidth + long latency from here x3

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will start streaming point&click adventures for the children, starting today or tomorrow probably, at . can't be any later than 17:30 or so CET, or it gets too late where they live. anybody interested is welcome to watch join the announcements channel, first game will be Jam and the Mystery of the Mysteriously Spooky Mansion ^^


kinda wanna take a psychotropic before a long train trip (with a careminder) specifically just so that I can make a metric ton of "enjoying my trip" puns

re: food, people 

me with people in the house: hmm it's 6am way past time to get up and wash all dishes and make two batches of brötchen, a litre of slow filter coffee, two kinds of tea, set up the toasties and—

me alone in the house: eh I know it's already 11:50 but instant coffee is so much ~work~

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food, covid 

I miss brunch from Menami. it was 10€ plus coffee and was just like this big pile of fruit, vegan joghurt, croissants, brötchen, a large number of bread spreads and...

(realising belatedly this is about exactly what I serve cuties)
huh. neat.

I guess what I miss is physically going there, having it ready for me, taking selfies, vibing.

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