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RIP poor boy who invited me to go to C&A with him ("ah that's nice, I also want to take a quick look...")

findings thread? findings thread!! look at this it's been forever since I find one that fits my huge head, plus it's pink!!!! this one's going into the kink outfit for pride for sure

immigration lol 

_now_ that I have a job they finally gave me my new resident permit

now I don't want that crummy little thing, you silly border cops. this girls has been certified as One Of The Good Ones and will accept nothing less than a Blue Card :blobcatuwu: :sparkles_trans:

(gimme this one in the mean time ok)

I like boys too, especially the ones who are girls :blobcatlove:​ and the ones who like being called girls, and the ones who dress up as girls and—

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being sapphic for me means, all genders are attractive I love genders

girls tho

Internet in 2021: my firefox extensions:

utm remover, clearURLs, DP-Instagram, Fix Twitter, google-no-tracking-url, I Don't Care About Cookies, Instagram Downloader, Medium Unlimited, Make Medium Readable Again, Nice Try Scribd, No Coin, Reddit Masstagger, Twitter Origifier, Twitter Media Downloader, Video DownloadHelper, View Image For Google Images, View Image in Google Images, Youtube Autoplay Disabler.

(and TabbyCat)

medical warning 

(that combination of herbs got my T down to hundred something, but gave me no E2, and was borking my liver. modern HRT is much more powerful and safe, I was just gatekept from it for unendurable months.)

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non-vegan milk mention 

taking a look again at the herb that kickstarted my boob growth (along with licorice + spearmint, all in high-dosage pills): pueraria mirifica. wikipedia has this fun writeup from the 13th century which goes:

> To take the tuberous root of Pueraria with big leaves, pound and blend with cow’s milk. The benefits of this medicine is to support memory, talk big, and be able to remember three books of the astrology, make the skin smooth like six year old kid, live more than 1,000 years and parasite diseases are not able to be of trouble.

other than the memory thing, checks out ✓ (maybe memory would be even worse without it tho, who knows.)

hot take :blobcatevil: 

you are a good! yes, you! i know it's hard to believe! but i just really think so!

for those of you who don't know why Germans call capivaras "water piggies"

"your webcam has like 5FPS"

eh whatever it's not like it's super important or anything, plus lofi is a vibe

"when you shake your boobs we can't see the jiggle"

hmm Logitech Streamcam looks nice

polyamory meta 

@elilla decentralised non-hierarchical federated harem

polyamory meta 

I think the real reason that "I don't want other partners but I'll try to accept polyamory for you" doesn't work is time. just time.

cos if you're dating 12 people it will be normal to spend days without even talking to someone. even if you are available for emotional support and help in a crisis, I mean that's good, but it's not a replacement for daily affection.

so the only way I can see dating 12 people work is if your partners have other partners who interact with then when you don't. (and yeah these are often the same folk dating one another, point stands). if a person wants no one but you, it's easy to feel like time spent with the other 11 is time taken from them, but if they date 13 girlfriends themselves, then it's a chance to have alone time with one of the other 12.

I often joke about this whole thing feeling like a harem dating sim but we all are one another's harems

it feels really great and affirming when a partner recognises out loud and engages with your plural identities (like "wouldn't that be a great X outfit" and X is one of you and not the one fronting at the time) :plural_heart:

caffeine, food (vegan) 

and I get to brew coffee for @enum in the new coffee thing in the early morning ^__^

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to think that I get to watch cartoons with and sleep hugging @enum again :blobcatfluffowo: :blobcatshy: :blobcatsurprised: :blobcattransheart:

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