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caffeine, sugar (+) 

@wauz die vegane Dinge die wie nicht vegane Dinge auszusehen versuchen, versuchen wie nicht vegane Dinge auszusehen nicht. Sie versuchen lecker zu sein. Und sie haben Erfolg :blobcatmeltlove: 👍

caffeine, sugar, eye contact, covid joke (+) 

did you know these days people can even sit in tables to consume their drugs??

how the turn tables

grs hype, medical cistem, insurance 

wondering if I even _have_ to negotiate with the MDK about my or I can just abstract the details :catThink:

like maybe I can just act like a normal vaginoplasty in the application? my vaginoplasty just so happens to not include a penectomy, but maybe I don't have to draw attention to this fact? we could do the standard thing, I'm dysphoric and sad and need a vagina usw. and specify the *type* of vaginoplasty only upon request. my surgeon only asked for 2 psych indications, these can be had separately, and afaik this surgery is simpler and less dangerous than the penis-affecting kind, so cost shouldn't be an issue.

going to ask my sources who know their stuff, if anybody has knowledge about on this topic please do share 🙏

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elderly cis guy who's a poet and famous poetry translator person and knew me before transition @'ing me to recommend trans punk acts I didn't know is such a sweet mood 😌

all-caps text, loud girlfriends like 

she: puts on @powderpaint on the shower
me: oh no
me: baby baby!
she: what
me: don't just go and put @powderpaint on the shower like that
me: here, use this Bluetooth speaker :sparkles_pink:
me: actually hear the lyrics even with thewhite noise of the water :blobcatpats:

she: puts it on on max
me: don't worry the neighbors are used to it, you can listen to it loud
she: what?!
me: I said it's ok to listen loud
she: WHAT


more experiments with the mate tea, more me being gratuitously sexy 

nyaaa properly replenishing my mate caffeine like this felt like the real one since forever and it feels gooood :blobmiou: :sparkles_pink:

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more experiments with the mate tea, more me being gratuitously sexy 

ok I think this works: the "inverted mate" technique.

warm water to 80º (I'm using an electric kettle, so I pour it in a glass jar to cool it a bit after boiling). pour it in the gourd. cover it with a layer of mate.

this was developed for the mate "powder" we use in actual gourds, but it works well for the tea-like leaves. the main problem of the leaves is they're too bitter and get soaked all at once (can't pack a wall with them). this way they gradually wet and fall, and they're so big that they won't clog the bombilla.

the only problem is that with the "real" inverted mate you'd pack the powder around the bombilla and leave a hole the other side to pour in more water. with the leaves there's no way to pack anything and they just go down with the water. so when you pour more water it'll mix up everything.

two options here, keep your water non-boiling and drink at once to avoid too much bitterness, or just use it once – at least it's one more thing to do with these leaves.

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beverages, attn: all trans catgirls, catenbies and cuties 

we are now fully equipped for with cold brew coffee, cold brew tea, cold brew South American mate, and cold brew Turkish liquorice drink. please notify a day in advance if you'd like some particular type of cold to be brewn for you 💖

eye contact, love 

took me so long to get up today but what can you do when a cat is sleeping on you 😌

every time they put me in games it's a baker, I should probably get into baking at some point

(today's game: Spirit Swap )

hrt injection cycling self-experiment report 

breasts are plump last couple days, and found out they're sensitive. haven't felt sensitive breasts in years.

they weren't like this just a week ago. it's the new moon, meaning by now my E2 must be at rock bottom, no more than adrenal.

this was the second injection and it's the same reaction as the first one: I go over the very high peak, the fall-off, and only when the E2 is gone I feel something in the body. might be a coincidence dunno just reporting o/

re: grs hype 


oh just a vaginoplasty.

touching the penis.

the futa configuration :blobcat_robot: :blobcatsurprised: :blobcatjustright:

grs hype 

"yes but what do you have in your pants" "I contain multitudes"

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grs hype 

got a positive answer from surgeon.

will be another huge battle uphill against the cistem but a girl is totally gonna have even _more_ unnatural antimimetic custom bodymodded genitals :blobcatbot: :blobcatscience:

sex joke, life good 

got two naked submissive trans girls, one to my left one to my right, in a hot summer evening.

what you think I'm doing: spicy stuff.

what I'm actually doing: running the entire Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache through the Austrian love and the German love and comparing their dialects, also thanks @enum for contributing your answers to science :blobcatcouple: :blobcatsnugs:

society: you have exams now exams important

me: how are kittens so cute I love them I want kittens

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