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partial nudity eye contact photo 

look at this, I want bikini marks ;-;

remember to always give your local kittens enough attention :blob_cat_innocent:

@lorialet I have to be honest and admit I'm not seeing much difference from when I did spray (6x/day on scrotum for ca. 300pg/mL E2). transition is progressing, but it was already.

a funny effect I noticed is that I get some breast sensitivity on new moons (no E2) rather than full moons (peak E2) as I expected. this has been consistent every time, pump them full of estrogen and they seem to react when the E2 is _gone_. I wanted to try cycling because of discussions on r/estrogel on positive results from rest periods, but they recommend at least 2 weeks rest. in the interests of science I might try a full month rest at some point...

helping an Indian girl find better hormones, she keeps calling me ma'am and anarchist brain is fighting with domme feminizer madam brain

apparently there's folks around needing help literally shoving muck out of their houses due to the floods, been told if you just show up with gloves and a shovel you're welcome. wanna look into where and how, time to be a leftist~

(gaping at the rust ecosystem) my goddess, it's full of much-better-versions-of-decades-old-unix-command-line-tools-that-richly-deserve-to-be-replaced!! :o

maybe if I distinguish them like this...? problem is I date too many people with 💜 emoji gender and 🖤 emoji gender, I need to order more purple and black hearts...

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my dogecoins are stuck on send and I don't know how to make them go :blobcatverysad:

(this whole thing is funny)
(I mean other than me losing 15 buck, and environmental devastation)

sorry for not interacting much online these days y'all we've been a bit busy, you know, job and everything

my belly hurts when I move tho

not the ideal state to walk in Pride in.. (checks notes) 2h from now

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ok this was a lot more intense than expected >.>

- dunno if I hit an unlucky spot but the safer subcutaneous method (short needle, 90°, belly) hurt a lot more than the less safe one, which had been basically painless (long needle, shallow angle, thighs)
- also the hole was visible and red, also something I didn't see before. like a tiny droplet of blood
- and the reaction I normally get from any kind of injection (dizyness, sweating, vision blacking), probably psychological/phobia-related, was also a lot stronger. I had to cut the video short and lie down immediately to feel better, something that used to be common but I hadn't needed to do in years. maybe it was just the unexpected pain triggering the old headspace (it's not really that painful, a catgirl was doing much more intense stuff to me this morning, it's just that needles are a special case)
- (then my spirit headmate bade me do something scary and I felt better instantly.)
- sweethearts going to Pride tomorrow – I probably will only be able to in easygoing vibing mode, sorry. will prob go on a simple outfit, maybe arrive late, maybe leave early. will sleep now and hope I recover well.

- no leakage this time, though.
- let's wait and see if the itchy reaction also goes away this way.

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