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I have one weekend left without a date this month, 20/21. thinking of doing my big apartment reorganising during this, with the goal of setting up a guest room to advertise later to share apartment costs. people who want to help with like organising stuff, carrying/disassembling furniture etc., I would appreciate help a lot actually, doing things hard.

also I can date you in the evening

@wonderland serious talk: this is the major reason why I decided to refashion myself into someone who flirts so assertively (in appropriate contexts etc.). I was self-conscious in the beginning of being considered a chaser and ostracised, but from observing all those "-" toots and memes I figured a lot of trans folk were afraid to make the first move and needed to feel wanted. I was right :blobcattea:

and it will always be like this, because the fediverse wouldn't work like that if it wasn't 1) decentralised and 2) by design limited in reach / non-discoverable, both things antithetical to capitalism.

sounds like a joke but one could seriously argue for the fedi being accidental prefiguration, 1) of systems like democratic confederalism and 2) of care-centric / degrowth culture. in this essay I will

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for folk who don't do evil media: the main difference from ML algorithms in big sites like this and the organic way federation grows communities on masto is that on Instagram I'm only ever shown the popular people, which creates obvious feedback loops. the insta catboys I get to see are ridiculously cute, but all have interactions in the thousands, and the ones who need headpats the most I will never find. on masto when you go "compliments ok?" they know you mean it, it's an actual human interaction not a celebrity dynamic.

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hmm instagram algo appears to have trained itself to believe I want to see selfies of butchy muscular girls and sparkly hypercute femboys.

incredible how accurate these things are these days

Hi, I made a new account!!

I've been previously co-using my headmate's account @enum, but xe decided xe wants it for xirself.
So here I am :3

Just all so hard to believe like wtf so many people? Why are then so many not asking for dates? 🥺

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German, health insurance+ 

Allgemeiner Hinweis: Die SBK ändert namen auf krankenkassenkarte und im system mit dgti ergänzungsausweis. also auch auf rezepten und überweisungen steht jetzt immer unser richtiger name schon drauf.

looks like OpenCamera was set to underexpose but now I'm leaving it

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eye contact, piercing stuff 

ok with patience, gumption and a bit of blood I was able to re-open it.

I lost the other half of the tentacle earring long ago ( :blobcatverysad: ) but the thin, long, blunt straight needle is perfect to reopen my luscious thick lower lip. Shame they don't do tentacle piercings this looks cool

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procrastinated on replacing my fallen lip piercing for too long and now it's closed again >.>

self-defense guides from, linked from picuki so you can read them without instagram.

"A self-defense study guide for trans women and gnc/nb: Because the stuff that works for other people doesn't work for us."

Chapter 1: People you can't just talk back to

Chapter 2: People you can't just punch

Chapter 3: Okay but what about violence?

Chapter 4: Safety in numbers

Chapter 5: Intimate partner de-escalation

alice is pansexual and bob is a nonbinary bi lesbian and they are dating
this is now canon for all cryptography explanation stories, have fun techbros ❤️

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telegram channel announcement, softcore porn, politics 

since I'm so active on Instagram lately I put up a telegram channel to collect the stories:

samples below so you can see if it's your kind of thing

cute date idea 

abolishing all borders and nations and then making out

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