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@goodvibes oh I mean they aren't peaceful at all. that rally I went to, in the evening some 100 III.Weg nazis ganged up to assault a train with antifas going home. they threw stones, punched the windows (comically, you can't break open into a train with your bare hands lmao), and if they did manage to get in, there would have been blood.

what I'm saying isn't that nazis won't get violent. what I'm saying is that they do that exactly to terrify people into helplessness. therefore what stops them isn't the drones with chainsaws, they'll just get bigger drones cos they have more ppl in the army than you. what stops them is when the whole community is unphased by the threats of violence.

I wish I was in that wagon, and not because I can overpower a hundred angry men. because I can take a stand.

this is why I'm such a big fan of the Grandmas Against the Right, who always come in every demo, and the veteran antifa on wheelchair, and the young teens etc. There's a place to punching nazis ofc, but ultimately what breaks their momentum isn't the punching, it's the conmunity.

Arbeitet hier irgendwer bei buden, die gerne dem Freifunk Düsseldorf e.V etwas Spenden würden, damit wir genug Liquidität hat um Flüchtlingsunterkünfte mit Internet zu versorgen? Die Stadt Düsseldorf macht das leider nur mit vor-finanzierung und Rechnung. :boost_ok:

it's even more satisfying in this times of nazi pride. the idea that some bizarre south american tranny infiltrates herself into the heart of colonalism, quits the supposed reason for her to be here, seduces the good white kids into gay degeneracy, pumps their bodies with feminisation chemicals and their heads with violent leftist propaganda, them sets them loose to spread the corruption—seriously it makes me _so_ proud of my civic service :blobcatUwuCry::blobcatverified:

I don't actually do much more than emotional support ofc, the queers here are autonomous, they know how to get their own femdrugs (I mean, exists), and it certainly takes no effort at ~all~ on my part to make Germans kinky. the fantasy of it is precisely that emotional support, having someone telling them nice things about their tendencies is often just the little push they needed to downright indulge in them.

still it's fun to tell nazis how I'm turning all of the good sons of the Reich into lesbian race traitor girls and they love me for it <3

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I think hand fans are kinda cute tbh
especially if u doodle on urs like i do :blobcatgiggle:


Did someone tried 2-FDCK?
I have a batch sample and wonder if it's has strong has ketamine

seriously I used to write fanfic about being Ichihara Yūko and making Watanuki/Dōmeki be gay, this is even more fanservicey than that

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do you know what would be a neat sexual fantasy gender comfort imaginary manga? like I'm a hot mature big-boobed futa madam who hook up this budding possum enby maid with hormones, and then then I get to enjoy their soft skin and growing breasts every morning as they cheerfully provide me service in cooking and housecleaning. then bitey wolfie asks me if I can provide some hormones to trans someone else, and also politely asks me to bite them please...

ah no sorry that's not "comfort fantasy manga" that's "literally my actual real life", my bad, easy mistake to make

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kink meta, not explicit 

seriously though I feel your pain with the "and they were both dommes" thing. despite all my posturing as toppy and sapphic, I'm actually pretty versatile on both directions. I'm also flexible on like, kinkiness, I can have fun with hardcore s/m stuff or just fluffy nonsexual cuddling or just plain fleshly sweaty no-nonsense sex.

the one thing that really doesn't work for me is subbing. or bondage, I love binding people but I can't ~stand~ being tied up. I can't even wear chokers, something I remember making me transdysphoric (feeling too cis) at the start l.m.a.o.

and I mean it's not something I do out of an identity self-image or fashion style or anything, I just, when people boss me I get sexually turned off, immediately. maybe some way I figure out a way of being horny while giving up control, but so far I'm pretty dang satisfied with this state of affairs so 💁‍♀️

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coffee, sweets, subtoot meant as playful 

maid made me delucious pastries and coffee. having coffee from bed

can you believe they love doing stuff like that? every day? they like it even more when I show off the hot enby service I got. dang I sure love being surrounded by sumissives

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tickets acquired!!! little queer rogues being trafficked from Latinoamérica directly to the heart of the world's wealth, at the start of August!! hopefully cops won't arrest me for screaming at fascists before then!!!! even having the cash for it, actually getting our greedy criminal hands into the cash was a whole telenovela. thx much gamer enby who lent their credit card with a bigger limit!!! and ofc thx a billion everyone who sent us online donations, offline, boosted the campaign, and said nice things about our vibin' awesome kids! they're really dope af and y'all will get tons of great photos and stories (+ art from the girl) as a reward. autumn 2022, trans mom dot love returns with the new season highly anticipated to rave reviews: Mommying while mommying! v(^.^)v

reminder for all the plantgirls and other plantfolk here in the Ruhrpott and nearby: The statistics for frost days validate the Eisheilige folklore, and St. Sophia's (the last icy saint) is this Sunday. Starting this weekend the plants can go have real sun outside o/

school trauma 

somebody asked me for pol songs recommendations, so I started digging my memory also to some I haven't heard in a while, then I went through a couple of school-themed ones and instantly was crying copiously in anger again. still haven't stopped.

I think it's fascinating how every single time I see anything about the little jails of school I start crying a lot! I cry even at "The Wall Pt. 2!" I cry even at the bullying scene in the Grinch movie! I wonder if that could mean that maybe that institution wasn't a very good time for child me perhaps!!! (n.b. I was a top student teacher's pet who did everything the institution wanted of me, and very well.)

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

@kobe652 I would argue instead the problem is the last 10000 years or so with regard to our sociopolitical and socioecological life, with I consider to have regressed tremendously. this is what makes people seem petty or self-defeating; they're put in a social context where pettiness is incentivised.

most people seem to believe the rise of these opressive systems was caused by, or is what enabled, tech progress. But tech progress had been going on on its steady curve for our whole 200k years, and I'm convinced that the idea that "we need opression to have technology" is a scam that the opressors invented to sell more oppression.

Think of Musk or Steve Jobs stealing the credit and pasting the mythology of their own images over the work done by others, that would have been done and even better without them. That's the last 10k years of history writ large.

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