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@bloc apparently the same way you don't grow herbs, because I've been a bad plant mommy who didn't care for plants in a long time, and most of my herbs died but the fern alone thrived.

my recs would be:
- if you're indoors, as much sun as you can (this fern is in front of a glass door towards south, in summer). don't believe misinformation that they should be on shade. (but if you live in a hot place, beware indirect damage from heat and fast drying; ferns like temperatures similar to human beings, and they don't like it dry). if outdoors, then yes, avoid direct sun.

- if possible a breezy, well-aired environment.

- my city has humidity like 60~80% and it seems like this fern likes it. if you live in a significantly dry place it can be a challenge. water plates and misting don't really do anything for plants. you can put a decorative humidifer next to it, or humidify the whole room.

- rich dark fertile crumbly peat-free potting soil soil. repot when it's significantly larger than "2/3 plant to 1/3 pot", or if roots are coming out the bottom holes. if it has new crows you can split if you want. do not cover the crows.

- water often. whenever you stick a finger (as deep as you can) and it's fully dry, water. don't let it oversoaked all the time, but it likes it wetter than most indoor plants.

The main problem with Elon Musk is that he distracts us from all the other billionaires who are just as evil as he is but who aren't desperate for daily news coverage like he is.

also I really should learn from her friend who let her borrow her obvious fuckflat of an apartment (lesbians courting: "I need to dust and clean up my friend's apartments" "oh I can help you with the dishes or s/t if you want...").

(photos have comments)

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@taminaminam here's my fern for fern friends.

he was such a tiny smol baby and now he's outgrown even the 2nd repotting and needs a 3rd already

overwhelmed feelings of overwhelmingness 

at the very least I think I'm taking a break from starting new relationships. it was good to be that hyper when the stars were for it, I will always think of 2020-21 fondly. but there's a time for the mother, and a time for the crone.

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overwhelmed feelings of overwhelmingness 

between imminent immigration of children, piled-up housework and bureaucracy work, stuff falling apart at my job, political stuff going on, and relationship conflict, I'm basically on the edge of breakdown all the time.

I kinda lowkey miss being able to let myself get depressed and move back to my lil hometown and lie in bed depressed all day. alas, too much at stake.

apparently when people complained to the Public Universal Friend about the androgyny of their dressing style, their response was "I am not accountable to mortals". Like Garrisson Davis notes, trans culture hasn't aged a day

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The existence of bonfires implies the existence of malfires

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we're on team "the Public Universal Friend is who they said they are" (a genderless spirit who descended to this plane in order to front the body of a near-death person)

then they were like, "youre the best mom I could ask for and I inherited your power of always having the correct opinion so you know it's true." aah the lil childofabitch did a verbal judo on me x3

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stayed until 2:30am talking about politics with my kid who wants to "like do something". my kids are so fantastic


i feel it is my job to tell you that the Louvre is using Nintendo 3DS as a tour guide


tbh leverage is such a bizarre thing, just the concept of attaching a longer pole to something and having to pull less hard, I feel like that one rule should break the laws of thermodynamics or something, it's not right and it doesn't make sense

I often listen to lofi and I kinda stopped listening to the predecessor but there are days where the energy just isn't vibes to relax to, and nothing seems to really be a thing.

there is silence and detachment of everyone for everything. the world is about to fall apart, and the solstice herald the time of monsters. a sense of monstrous guilt is upon the land, and out of the abysses between the stars sweeps chill currents that make men shiver in dark and lonely places.

did you know the cherry blossoms are originally white?
and the 22:00 sunset is est... it's aesth...

the sunset is aesthetic

I would make out with the sun, sexually. today in the dayest day

So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

wtf i just heard the tardis dematerialization noise outside

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