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my fucking children will start riding a metal ship on the sky to invade this land within 2 hours

"the balcony feels nice yeah. and quite... purple"

purple...? :thounking:

yup true, it's purple. that wasn't on design but.: purple basil flowers, thyme, the various types of sage are purple-flowered, pincushions purple, harebells all purple, the foxglove before they spent were purple, the lil Japanese flowers are white and purple, the stonecrops, purple, even cornflower that is like, _the_ canonical Prussian blue flower, our Spontaneous Cornflower is a mutated purple cultivar. only the water forget-me-nots are blue, and even then it's a purplish blue. I was just getting flowers that are good for bees, but ended up with a lot of purple. trans girl hair balcony.

(there's some white flowers, like the green basil. many of the flowers above start as white then dye as they get fertilised. on my balcony, flowers don't stay white for long.)

plant people: here's some plant advice

me: (follows advice)

plants: grow nice and healthy

me: :surprised_pikachu:

someone: you're some sort of plant goddess, right? 

they: "my balcony is a graveyard, what do I do. well these are still growing tho, though the mint seems to be dead."

me: what no I'm not a real plant girl I'm just a poser, I didn't even know anything about plants six months ago, and my own balcony is a far cry from what I wanted it to be, though I'm still proud of how much life I already sustain in it and how my plants aren't dying anymore but still, beginner stuff really, can't be compared to real plant girls.

anyway that balcony looks super dark, that big plant you have is thicc that's a shade-survivor, you can prob grow more Zimmerpflanzen in there, it isn't south-facing, is it? west? yeah thought so, so west will only get direct sun when the sun is low, it's tropical jungle conditions. from your dead pots I'm assuming you were trying to do supermarket Italian herbs? those are tricky to grow in shade, what I want you to do is, stick a finger in that mint as deep as it goes, does it feel like it's more root than soil and all spongy-bone-dry? if so what it needed was a repot, two sizes up, Kräutererde, torffrei, keep it moist but not wet. If it feels like loamy or muddy or even still wet, then what you needed was less water. This one in the front, is that a melissa? I can't see very well with the telegram compression but those white spots on the leaves, are they like blisters (on the skin itself, can't be rubbed off, as opposed to white stuff growing atop the leaves)? If so it's edema, it means there's too much water, the plant is trying to bring it all up and the pipes are bursting. water less. if that one is a rosemary you should be proud though, rosemary is tricky and yours seems healthy, for that one you might want to continue to do what you're doing, change any conditions slowly and experimentally.

in general, for your problem what I'd suggest doing is move the herb pots to the brightest sunniest spot of the balcony, but don't put them directly on hot surfaces. wind is good. repot supermarket herbs a size up with good potting dirt; that will keep them moist during sunny heatwave days. it's not the sun that kill herbs, it's the heat or the dryness. as long as the pots are draining well, the potting soil will act as a humidity buffer.

not many kitchen herbs will be happy on a west balcony but the mints and parsley should take it for sure, Schnittlauch also. Maybe coriander, thyme, oregano, if they get some hours of direct sun. Then make sure to keep the earth always gently moist but never wet. If in doubt you can use a tray and water from the bottom, it's easier to gauge. Fill the tray with water and put your pots in, wait 10 to 20 minutes and stick a finger, check if the pots are moist up to the surface. If the tray dried before moisting the pots, add more water; if everything's nice and wet and there's still water left in the tray, drain away the water. repeat whenever the soil starts feeling dry, how often will depend on the climate and the size of your plants relative to pot.

look online how to cut them to stimulate growth, if you play your cards right they will bush out when you cut them and you can keep getting herbs for your cooking until winter. most people who grow plants for cooking will snip off flowers, because the plants grow less and taste less delicious after they go to flower. these flowers are really good for the bees, though, and the rules I mentioned are mostly by branch. so even if you want to grow for food, I would gently encourage you to leave at least a few branches as "flower branches" and offer them for the bees, and pick some of the outer ones as "crop branches", cut above the lateral meristems (the side buds) and they'll fork and branch where you cut. use a sharp tool. most herbs have more aromatic compounds on the leaves during the early morning (as defined by sunlight).

I don't really know anything about plants btw, I've just been reading stuff online a bit. watching a few youtube videos, an audiobook here and there nothing serious

(going inside 23:40 after garden work) the ivyisation of elilla continues

Elección de horarios, también conocido como "tetris estudiantil."

re: terfs and the fash again, silly sad 

Here's a sillytoot I originally wrote a hundred years ago (in 2021):

> The year is 205x. The location of all catboy, possumgirl, and raccoonenby forest communes has been leaked by transmed defectors, as a precondition to join the Terf-Fash Alliance as tradwives. A parting radio transmission by transmed infiltrator Jessica Smith (she/her) to her girlfriend, catgirl diplomat Starlight Arsonist Earthsong (she/her), left us the following words, barely discernible under static and gunshots: "You liked kissing my XY jaws so you'll never be a real lesbian, trender".

> Trans separatists see themselves forced into uneasy collectivisation with the majority-cis Bear/Otter Collective before the onslaughting common enemy. Unnoticed by all, tiny lesbian bunny Laburnum Silflay (she/they) defects alone, convinced she can locate the legendary Butch Horsenomad Tribe and secure a supply line of pregnant mare urine, "plus I mean they're butch horsenomads". That same night, as she stopped for water at a safe distance, Labby lifted her lapping lips from a nameless mountain pool to discover in the pitch-black mirror not just the waving reflection of the bright moon, but the smiling face of a hairy leathertwink…

I want to reinforce to the powers above that this was meant as aburdist comedy not as prophecy :blob_sweat:

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terfs and the fash again, hate symbols 

something Polish enby pointed to me:

here's a hate symbol that's popular with the terfs right now. I screenshoted a couple in the wild below; cw for terf speech.

the symbol shows a bathroom-sign adult human male stick figure, holding an umbrella with his adult human female companion. the umbrella and the adult humans are rainbow-coloured, suggesting they're progressive gender-critical radicals who *of course* support cis gays. with the rainbow umbrella they're shielding a child human male and a child human female. (the children are not rainbow-coloured; presumably because children can't be gay.) what the brave adult guardians are protecting the children from is a sleazy, dripping wet, greasy waterfall of trans-flag genderfluid.

this symbol, quite popular right now as an avatar with twitter terfs, is a palette swap of this older homophobic version, which has been for a long time and remains widespread among Eastern European gay-bashing fascists. in the original version the entire family is straight-coloured, and the wet threat is the gay rainbow.

James Somerton has mentioned in a recent video that JKR started liking and boosting homophobic tweets now. So far she hasn't started attacking the cis gays herself, but those of us who followed her fall will remember that the trans hate started like that, with 'accidental' likes on terf poison. No there's likes on anti-gay hate.

groomer discourse is spreading from the US with genocidal overtones, and the tiny minority of cis lesbians who joined in with the right to bash the trannies are already getting their Kristallnacht, of which Roe vs. Wade is but the first salvo. I derive zero pleasure of having been correct on this, and I wish they had understood who was their real enemy rather than doubling down on not wanting to reconsider the disgust they feel about our bodies.

re: monkeypox, doom and hope 

here's some doomscrolling US headlines right now:

- California declares state of emergency of monkeypox
- Illinois, ibid.
- Philly is out of vaccines

here's some positive news: smallpox vaccines as profilaxis in Montreal have worked really well, rates are flattening, 39 breakthrough cases among 15000 vaccinates

I think this is the moment for us to wrestle the system as hard as we can for vaccines, I don't trust the motivations the system has for hoarding. The more the current vaccine piles get into live veins the better.

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I'm not the only one who's getting bad vibes over this thing, right? the dismissive way the institutions are treating it? it feels a lot like they handled early COVID, crossed with how they treated HIV.

And it affects children, much worse than COVID in this regard. While being sold as a gay plague. In the time period where groomer discourse. Please let my cassandra powers be wrong for once.

Anyway goverments are a fuck, we are gay we should know better. What do we know about monkeypox so far and what can sluts like me do to avoid killing people?

- Try to convince your DST/PrEP people to give you a vaccine. If you're promiscuous and don't have PrEP yet, now seems like a great time to arrange for that. Then pressure them for a vaccine.

- the vaccine is optimal for prevention but also works post-exposure, if you suspect contact go run after one asap.

- Condoms help but aren't enough for this one. It's still unclear why the majority cases are MLM (reminder that the cistem will often lump transfeminine folk in this category); it could be it transmits more easily on oral/anal sex than other skin contact (anal bottoms are more likely to be symptomatic¹), or just compound effects from promiscuous group settings. But there's plenty of reports also of cis women and cishet men being rejected even from testing even when they are symptomatic and insist on it—we've been there before. Maybe it's a combination of all three factors. In any case we should, sigh, cut down on group scenes (sexual or not, including clubbing) and promiscuity, particularly genital play, until more data comes up.

- In particular keep in mind it's mutated, it's not the regular monkeypox that's been around for ages. Symptoms are different, and there's people were tested via contact tracing who had very few symptoms and wouldn't even have noticed without it.² Be on the lookout for:
* swollen penis
* literal pain in the butt
* throat pain, swollen lymph nodes, difficulty swallowing
* one (1) single sore/rash/blister, rather than the more dramatic busts of a conventional pox.
* muscle pain, general flulike symptoms
* subtle presentation without all the symptoms

- from the novel symptoms it seems likely that symptoms are localised when transmitted sexually.

- If you're going to have sex/cuddle/wrestle with people from your affinity group, maybe tune up the theatrics for full-clothes-on play. USA CDC agrees with this one, reducing skin contact seems worthwhile. fwiw here's a reminder that black nitrile gloves all of look hot, smoothen play, soften nail edges, facilitate cleanup, and lower transmission of stuff like this.

- don't treat it lightly!! some people are having subtle symptoms but others do show the painful scarring lesions, many need hospitalisation, and the death rate is way too high!

- immunocompromised people seem more vulnerable to severe symptoms. also if you have eczema or other skin conditions, you're likely more vulnerable to contagion (I would be careful also of microlesions and complications from full-body razor shaving).

- symptomatic patients contaminate surfaces, especially in contact with the lesion(s), and the virus stays on them for a long time. it's unclear if this is enough for transmission; if so the risk is higher on touching the surfaces on skin lesions and mucosae. the virus is vulnerable to regular disinfection and light (but not to dryness). regular laundry is sufficient, but you want as much laundry isolation as possible if someone is infected. even without a suspicion, it's a good idea to avoid sharing towels and bedsheets etc.

- if you suspect you have it, avoid contact also with other animals, it transmits to nonhumans.


eye contact, sleazy ootd from yesterday 

couple more selfies of the look

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@emi it be like that. if you can read German, the German Wikipedia is actually a great collection of resources. in general German-language stuff is great; Germany takes herbal medicine more seriously than the rest of the white world because the Nazis liked it; it's one in a long list of stuff I like and nazis also like and make me feel dirty.

my usual approach is like this:
- feel drawn to plant on intuition, or just curiosity
- look it up on pl@ntNet
- look it up on de.wikipedia
- look it up on pubmed

or else
- have a condition I want to affect
- look up "$condition herbal", "$condition plant" etc. on pubmed
- look up "$condition heilkräuter" on

I'm quite ecletic with this stuff, drawing from hard science as well as folk stuff and my own brand of woo, respecting my and others' personal experiences without discounting cognitive biases, etc.

plant compounds are severely understudied, especially full-spectrum and in context. my personal mantra is "unproven doesn't mean disproven; it also doesn't mean proven". statician Andrew Gelman, when discussing the absolute uselessness of null-hypothesis significance testing as a methodology, often emphasises that the reproducibility crisis won't be solved by replacing p-values with some other oracle, but rather by embracing uncertainty. I find that embracing uncertainty is very liberating; walking the edge between belief and disbelief, I'm free to try out all sorts of sketchy stuff and see what happens.

my medicinal preparations so far. I stlil haven't tried doing tinctures as was my original plans, but my teas have been more successful than I dared hoped. The sleepy tea is especially popular, which is why there isn't any in this photo. I still wanna try some ideas for ADHD support tea, and girldick booster tea.

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complete overwhelm breakdown 

ugh so much stuff happening all at once, I don't know where to even begin to solve all these problems. trying to get that free bunker bed backfired spetacularly, I ended up having to pay about the same as a regular bed in hired help to transport it, got myself exhausted, broke my phone screen in the process (no more selfies for a while, sorry), and ended up with a pile of wood that's way beyond my woodworking abilities to reassemble. and that's like the tip of the iceberg. most of the iceberg is immigration bureaucracy and money issues, and I barely began to dent the surface of the iceberg. I'm way beyond "I wish we had three bodies" state, I'm more like "I wish we could do the tajū kagebunshin no jutsu", and like 700 out of the 1000 shadow clones would be spent just trying to get an actual reply from the immigration gatekeepers.

the destined battle of destiny commences!!!! 

on this sunny corner, know to bloom on fertile water, take over everything and kill everyone in the shadows... an unstoppable machine to convert minerals and sun into thick green mass... technically not a plant... green algae!!

next to the same corner, an underwater swimmer that spreads even from a floating broken branch... she grows so fast she's an invasive outside Europe... a mortal enemy of algae, secreting allelopathic polyphenols specifically to target them... Myriophyllum thousand-leaved!!

will my pond became a thriving lil water source for insects, able to sustain water flowers for bees and maybe even lacewings and stuff? or will it become a box of algal future compost?? :blobcatsurprised:

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