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"I don't want to depend on usb disks anymore, it's too unreliable, I'll build a SATA-based NAS"

The SATA-based NAS:

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... which by this simple and reliable method allows me to plug a hard disk drive into my pc-compatible home computer.

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... which, since pci is lane-compatible, allows me to plug the pci-e x1 to 2x SATA adapter which I reclaimed from the MyBook Duo...

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...which comes with this adaptor that takes the usb3 and converts into a *regular* pci-express x16, plus SATA power...

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omg this is ~glorious~ I have to show y'all I'm so proud.

observe!! mini pci-express, liberated from the mini-ITX Zotac ID11 by removing the wifi card, now gets this usb3 adaptor...


"I mean that was the first time I had valerian for my sleepy tea but even then, my mix didn't have that effect on anyone else. I was practically falling over on last night's threesome. Like I was physically dizzy, trying to mount them but barely even aware of what was happening..."
"You were getting off on that."
" :BlobCatBlush: "

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vulgar, nonsense 

if it's testosterone that causes morning wood then how come it's always the enby with the uterus to wake me up by humping my butt?? atheists *destroyed*

post-sex selfie, nonexplicit 

@elilla everycutie ought to be distracted every now and then IMO :blobuwu:

sex vs. boobs 

(me looking at the mirror) "dang boobies are looking really nice these days, round and plump, lil bit swollen even. I wonder what's keeping them filled up like that"

(realising she's woken up today with a lover suckling on each breast, has slept covered in nonbinary cum, and has had more orgasms than meals the past 24h) "ah yes silly me, sometimes I forget it. I'm a succubus"

lewd furry fanart of the norwegian sculpture of the deer with the dumptruck ass 

Sorry everyone

post-sex selfie, nonexplicit 

"I thought you were going to shower?"

(purring languidly half-naked, panties down the legs, satisfied smile, breathing deep, sipping water:) "I got distracted"

"don't worry you don't have to not be
awkward, I will just keep throwing you at my partners and they'll be glad to have you, and I have like, a lot of partners. the only issue is I can't find you many other tops. there's a shortage, and besides, for some mystery reason I'm always surrounded by a cortège of adoring submissive bottoms."

"oh my! something bad must have happened to the natural population of tops"

"yeah probably global warming"

"we must stop global warming!!! :blobCatBloc: ✊"

vulgar sex talk, quote 

"wow your cocksucking improved a lot! I bet all the girls must love your mouth now"

what if we made hardware more efficient instead of ever more powerful

it's a beautifully sunny autumn day, my kids are playing online games, my raspberry is playing lo-fi beats to relax to, and my pet enby is in the balcony wearing my clothes taking care of the plants.

it takes so little to be happy. we just have to get rid of like, capitalism and cops and stuff then just chill

I haven't read news for a while, let's see how politics are doing

(reads) hmm how hard is it after all for a middle class person in German to start a transgender anarchist cottagecore homestead

Attention Dungeons Hyperactivity Disorder

subtoot, re: being a narc 

if the threat of incarceration is enough to make you actively offer your services to the armed branches of government, then the threat of incarceration would also be enough for you to snitch on me or my friends. after all, what these organizations already do every day to their targets is way worse than getting me arrested or deported. therefore it's a risk to have you in my community.

look, there's snitches and snitches. in my privileged current life I'm in no position to judge anyone for collaborating with the cops or colonisers to stay alive, appease torturers, barter guns to fight an ongoing fascist invasion etc. but if already at risk of incarceration, debt status, unemployment is enough to make you an active part of the machine, then it's not safe for me to have you around. all of my shy nerdy trans girls who aren't remotely built for prison life would still readily take being arrested over greasing the gears of the imperial deathmachine; valuing other people's lives more than one's own risk of carceral oppression is kinda the baseline level of commitment for me to feel safe in intimacy.

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