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PSA about my lewd posts 

It's all silly unless specified otherwise. If a post would happen to be graphic or specific or related to someone, that will be specified in the content warning.
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here, a short message that you can decode (relatively easy, guessable)
good luck and don't forget to use CW for spoilers!
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i boosted and will say this myself too: minors are literally normal people who can make decisions, have feelings and deserve rights

Markov chain output (gay-mode) 

i just want to do gay crimes

oh no i'm old 

anything added in minecraft 1.5 or later is new
uuuh yeah hi fedi just posting so you can see i'm alive and didn't abandon this

@owl @Stoori anglophones: knowingly knocked on a gnome's knickers shop an hour ago in Woolfardisworthy

also anglophones: haha french speakers and their silent letters

people with ADHD and autism in ancient civilizations served an important purpose by randomly hyperfixating on new objects thereby pushing forward science in random directions

For the households out there... If you are maintaining a centralized inventory of your home (e.g. food, medical stuff, etc), which software / tools are you using ?

I'm searching for something that wouldn't need a computer to check or update the inventory and such.

Boosts appreciated

Affirmations for people with mom issues 

Hey you. If you don't have a mom and especially if your mom isn't accepting of you...

I'm your mom now. Drink some water and eat your damn leftovers, I'll send you my banana chocolate chip muffin recipe later. Love you <3


hot take is when you hold my hand

actually, i'd love to hear about this. folks who used "web 1.0" forums, based on stuff like phpBB, extensively, and now use Mastodon, Twitter, and the like:

what does microblogging give you that forums didn't?

many websites: please do not the violence

fedi: lol throw bricks on cops and burn rich people (in minecraft)


hmm i kind of want to get into sound design stuff such as making sound effects for games but i have no idea how to do this kind of thing

$$$ help, boosts appreciated, appended 

This should be the last update for this month~

Bills from the past week are finally paid, all i have left are just the big boys in the next week:

Med refill: $60
Dental insurance: $29
Internet: $60.51


Everything i have left over will just go towards a second round of groceries and getting some self care/personal grooming stuff desperately need

Thank you so far for the help, it really means a lot as my mental/physical health is absolutely trash rn โค๏ธ

As always, anything and everything is appreciated$melaninpony
I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those

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can't wait to wake up in the middle of the night right after i turn 18, create a new alt account where i only boost cute animal pics and put "๐Ÿ”ž minors dni ๐Ÿ”ž ๐Ÿ”ž i block minors and nazis ๐Ÿ”ž" in bio because can't have those pure little innocent 17 year old toddlers interact with a scary adult like me

It's all about trans girls that look cis and never about cis girls that look trans and I intend to put a stop to that

Gay people invented love and trans people invented being hot

she does so much for all of us and she does it so well and she's just such a wonderful person, friend and partner with such a wonderful personality

i think she deserves a lot of good things

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Personal server for trans moms <3