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PSA about my lewd posts 

It's all silly unless specified otherwise. If a post would happen to be graphic or specific or related to someone, that will be specified in the content warning.
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Minerace is open to the public!

Minerace is a racing game made in Minecraft.
Version: Minecraft JE 1.16.5
Matrix room:
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here, a short message that you can decode (relatively easy, guessable)
good luck and don't forget to use CW for spoilers!
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i boosted and will say this myself too: minors are literally normal people who can make decisions, have feelings and deserve rights

indigenous people hunting seal or boar are not the problem and you know that. harness all your inner karen energy and take it to the agricultural and livestock industries. take it to nestle who steals water reserves from indigenous land to bottle up and sell them.

when you berate indigenous people who eat meat for survival, because they live in fucking Nunavut where a head of lettuce costs $20 or because our ancestral lands once used for agriculture were destroyed either by colonizers or by climate change, all you're saying is you'd rather we all die. HARD pass

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the only time i want to hear a white vegan's take on indigenous diets consisting heavily of meat, is never.

urgent fundraiser 

Our car is now busted, and our mechanic advised that we look for something else. It’s a death trap, and we barely avoided an accident last night when the car shut off on the highway.

I know we’ve asked so much already, but please consider helping us keep our brand new jobs and home. It’s been so long since we could be independent, I don’t know what we’ll do if we lose this.
(No account needed)

$glamorshark cashapp
@londonshine venmo (0309)

pros of kinning the meow:
• cuddly
• u get to meow and purr and sleep all the time
• pointy ears and fluffy fur and curly tail and tiny pawbs and pretty eyes and bappable nosie !!
• ur partners treat u like a real kity

cons of kinning the meow
• possible species dysphoria and existential dread

If anyone lives in or near Washington and needs a roommate hit me up! I need to get out of my mom's. :boost_ok:

Anyone looking for a room in #Vienna (… the one in Austria) and up for intentional community?

My living collective is looking for 2 new folx. Both short term (two months to one semester) and long term is possible, starting from July or later (someone is moving out then, someone else in autumn, we're guessing it will be a "short term roomie over the summer, then two for long term" kind of situation, let's see).

reminder that if someone ever asks you "are you a boy or a girl" it is syntactically correct to reply with yes or no

poll for ppl with vision problems, :boosts_ok: 

when getting your eyesight tested, have you only seen the paper with letters of decreasing sizes, or the machine with a picture of bright grass, sunny light blue sky and a house/air balloon in the middle?

just speaking from the position of someone who’s worked in tech, capitalists build/create everything worse

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all the people who wouldn’t be interested in medicine if the profit motive was removed, i think that’s fine. and why aren’t we worrying about the quality of their contributions to the field thus far

Anyone know any good racing games kinda like 2005-era Need for Speeds (or NFS Heat) that run on Linux? Preferably FOSS and/or moddable

one that can be detatched and split into tabs for someone like me
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what if instead of a desktop background it was a terminal

oh wait it's implemented as "go to sleep early" isn't it
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where the fuck is the skip this day button
achieving inbox zero with a serverless solution (disconnecting the mail server from the internet)

capitalism and the generification of the color blue by corporations ruined it and in this essay i will

re: ph, hrt 

would anyone in berlin be willing to do my injection for me?
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