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PSA about my lewd posts 

It's all silly unless specified otherwise. If a post would happen to be graphic or specific or related to someone, that will be specified in the content warning.
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Minerace is open to the public!

Minerace is a racing game made in Minecraft.
Version: Minecraft JE 1.16.5
Matrix room:
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here, a short message that you can decode (relatively easy, guessable)
good luck and don't forget to use CW for spoilers!
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i boosted and will say this myself too: minors are literally normal people who can make decisions, have feelings and deserve rights

hey, this disabled indigenous nonbinary creator is trying to raise money for a farming apprenticeship to learn skills and connect with their land, you can support them here!!:

thank you lesbians on my timeline for making me yearn too

Ok, I need a new job... Anyone looking for an Erlang developer? #boost #job #remote #erlang

why do i keep finding cryptocurrency apps on f-droid :/

it doesn't even have to be fancy or expensive.

a bunch of tables under a long tent.

leave stuff you think someone else might want to use on the tables.

peruse the tables and take anything you could use.

someone marks newly arriving stuff at the end of each day. anything there for a week gets moved into the dump, where it would have ended up anyway.

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there should be a state sanctioned swap meet immediately outside any waste management facilities for residential use.

i have $166 to my name

more will be pulled out this month and i still haven’t gotten groceries (weekly cost) and i pick up meds weekly too and a few bills come out later in the month

but next month???? no idea how i’m gonna do it if i can’t get a job

if u can help that’d be lovely. i’m struggling and have little help outside the internet

@AgathaSorceress hi I work for the FBI - I've heard about what "in minecraft" means, but what is a "thaumcraft zombie brain" ?

what can be more romantic than gifting your gf a thaumcraft zombie brain in minecraft

asking for trans clothing advice, boosts appreciated 

anyone know where/how to get swimming suits for trans women?

If you’re unsheltered out in the Central Valley of California hit me up. This heat is dangerous as hell.
Where I am we are one degree short of the all time record (116f). Tomorrow was forecast to be even hotter, so if that holds true it’s gonna suck.

naming my software "America" and following with versions or variants or similar to be named things like "Texas"

If there were more awareness in fedi and tech circles they'd use a tag like #UbuntuLinux and leave the #Ubuntu tag for African solidarity and discussions of the actual African philosophy Canonical took the name from... but you're not ready for that conversation.

please keep sharing my gfm!!!! we are saving as much as we can but i still need help, ty 🖤

asking for funds 

Hello 💙
i am a disabled trauma survivor
Running low on funds for basic needs
I have food and shelter
But for everything else,
(clothes, etc)
help is deeply appreciated

[love+flow+glow] 💙

I have a friend in Richmond, Virginia, USA who is a construction supervisor for Habitat for Humanity. They are looking for reliable flooring people, painters, and tile installers for steady work. DM me for contact info.

Telling people that they're destroying the world by buying cheap kitchenware instead of investing in sustainably sourced knives and a cast-iron pan (all sold for ridiculous prices) is merely cruel and totally unhelpful.

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Our society is organized around consumption - in order to survive we are required to participate in inefficient and unsustainable supply chains and purchase products with built-in obsolescence dates. It's not reasonable to shame people for doing that.

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Personal server for trans moms <3