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taking applications to my chosen family! just shoot me a DM. mutual agreement applies.
if you believe you are already part of it, please let me know because i haven't been keeping track
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a note on inactivity 

i may disappear from here sometimes, this is because fedi gets a bit much for me for various reasons
this does not mean i'm gone, i'll still try to check in once in a while to respond to DMs and such on here, and i'm always available on matrix
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that said i will happily help you and your friends doing hrt safely, feel free to direct message or @ me any time
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PSA about my lewd posts 

It's all silly unless specified otherwise. If a post would happen to be graphic or specific or related to someone, that will be specified in the content warning.
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i boosted and will say this myself too: minors are literally normal people who can make decisions, have feelings and deserve rights
someone should make a thing that kinda bypasses the whole ChunkGenerator and BiomeSource stuff when creating new chunks
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mojang will be like "wait, you want to generate a world? well fuck you"
locking cis people's address field on every website to the one they lived under as a baby

Have you found any of your current partners on fedi

I'm $700 short because for weird reasons my long COVID disability payment goes to my mother (payee crap). And yeah she spent it by mistake on her rent.

I need some help to make it through August.

CashApp: $plausocks

Some of us have dealt w racism, antiblackness, colorism & ableism on here by stalkers for yrs just for ppl to winge about a few rb's throughout the day

reminder that it's okay to say no

this is the sort of sister advice to if it sucks hit da bricks

if you are affected by a thing in a way that causes you problems you can say no and it's completely reasonable to expect that others should take you seriously on it

real winners assert boundary's

If you ever need help making something mundane sound academic and businessy, please feel free to give me a shout.

its one of those weird skills i've picked up over the years xD

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I will plug us in

We are a small, great, flexible place to work, there's no "management", plenty of freedom, transparent salary system, we are doing actually important and useful work.

We could really use some people and some people could really use relocation.

(boosts welcome)

Once again I am calling for every WPATH doctor to pay for their crimes

food, mutual aid provisioning 

Als iemand in de regio Utrecht eten of andere levensmiddelen nodig heeft, we hebben altijd meer dan genoeg en kunnen anders dingen voor je regelen. Kom dus gerust langs of stuur een berichtje, dan komt dat goed.

If anyone in the Utrecht region needs food or other groceries, we always have more than enough and can get you most other things. So swing by or send a message, we'll take care of it.

Hey all. If you got any spare cash consider sending some towards @CaribenxMarciaX.

They need help with covering a lot of the basics, but also more urgently their domains etc.

If it matters to you, Marcia is definitely the kind of person who pays it forward as soon as they are able to, and we're currently trying to not pass the same $20 around


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