i boosted and will say this myself too: minors are literally normal people who can make decisions, have feelings and deserve rights
two people who had sex do not automatically become top tier childcarers who should have the power to destroy someone's life
also repeating this: 18 years outside of the body one was born in is not a magical point of a life, it doesn't do any magical changes (puberty does however change more). but apparently society has drilled this into people's brains. look at how there's an emoji dedicated to "no one under eighteen" with no similar emoji for any other age if you don't believe me.
i am tired of seeing the aforementioned emoji in people's bios as often as i do. i get that adults don't like kids engaging in lewdness. that's okay, but consider if you really need to promote the 18 year limit to achieve this. this is not a promotion of pedophilia, it's a promotion of minors in online spaces. i'm mostly targeting those of you who have one account where you enforce an 18 year limit. you are making minors feel unwelcomed on here. if that is not a problem for you, let me know so i can block you. what you can do is make a lewd alt for anyone you're comfortable with sharing that content with, and have another account without an age restriction.
if your "leftism" is not against ageism, i'm not interested. go away.
this also applies to legal systems. why shouldn't a person who's 17 years and 360 days old and very informed about your topic of choice be allowed to do something a person who just turned 18 and knows next to nothing about said topic is allowed to do? now of course i'd increase that age gap to, say, 14 years instead of 17. or why not 10?
being informed is a lot more valuable than age, which is literally only how long someone has been alive. it is not related to knowledge, maturity or how good decisions one can make. age is just a counter, and is ridiculously overused because it's simple to apply since everyone has an age.

@ella why would you educate your children and minors in general when you can just write arbitrary laws and say it's not your problem...
I say it always, but no just in sex education (sex safety isn't even the same). explaining and educating children isn't tied just to maths...

@ella While I do agree that the whole age of consent thing is totally arbitrary and changing from one country/region to the next, there's yet the puberty issue that is a far less conceptual and more biological and psychological reality. There are well-grounded theories on psychological development that show how someone at the age of, say, 13 years old hasn't yet a fully-developed consciousness of what they are doing and what's happening to them, and how they aren't exactly fit to make clearly-informed choices or consent in all awareness.

Of course many people don't demonstrate this capacity at 21, 34 or even older. But that's not related to their stage of development, but problems in their psychological development (that might involve abuse as a child).
@fauvenoir as long as someone is properly informed, they can consent. should autistic people also be barred from consent? or people who have experienced trauma? no, your argument is bullshit and adjacent to if not outright ableist.

@ella sience ŕealy everything whats needed to make decisions?

@Litfasssaeule_Ruhr i wrote that as long as someone is informed enough, they can make a decision

@ella .......mmmmmh, this could be a big playground for phillosophy 😉😄

I've never understood why sexual content is limited to people 18 and over. People going through puberty are also sexual creatures.

Heck, I am legally allowed to have sex with a consenting 15-year old if I so desired.

@ella this is basically my take

i'm not sexualizing anyone on my main, and i'm not going to be going into detail about my sex life, but i might talk about sex in a factual context and that shouldn't be something I limit my account to people over a certain age for

with my lewd account I limit it to people I'm comfortable with seeing *and engaging* with that content, which is far more complex than age
@ella on a deeper level, solving minors rights is a lot more complex and nuanced than this and i'm not sure we're ever going to get a comprehensive solution (estimating maturity/experience in a consistent way is impossible), but we should not pretend the status quo is great at all

@ella I don’t see why the 18 age limit is worse than any other age limit. Yes, the reason why it’s the most common is bc that’s the legal age to view sexually graphic material that is the most well known.

If I were to change my age limit I would actually go up rather than down. This is not because I feel that minors should not be welcome on fedi but because my account is explicitly about lewd concepts and I have no desire to have a non lewd account to manage.

@ella I feel strongly as someone who is almost 30 that it’s not my place to expose younger folks to explicit sexual concepts. I do believe that younger folks can and should have sources where they can read about and explore these concepts and I myself did this as a young person. That does not mean that I as an individual adult have to take on that responsibility.

Please feel free to block me because I do not apologize for having boundaries about who interacts with my sexual content.

@cosmic (also to be clear i do not say abolish all restrictions, you're good)

@ella I just don’t think it’s that easy to draw a line and say that this is where an adult’s account should or shouldn’t allow underage folks in, like ultimately it’s gotta be an individual decision that’s about individual comfort levels and concepts about what material is age appropriate and what isn’t

@ella like yeah let’s question why we’re uncomfortable with underage folks on our accounts but also ultimately it’s about whether or not someone feels able to take responsibility for a younger person seeing the shit they post, so I get why people put 18+ even without the entire account being explicitly lewd. It’s a complicated topic and a lot of people would rather be safer than not

@cosmic good point that i forgot to mention, because you're right, if you're only here for lewd concepts you don't need an alt "for everyone"

@ella I think the concern there is often legal issues -- e.g. if you lewd on an account and someone under 18 sees it and you can't demonstrate that you did your best to ward them off, it can lead to being legally designated a "sex offender" and barred from jobs like teaching or childcare.

@ella more because i'm a unicode nerd than anything else:
samsung used to have that emoji as 19, but that's just bc in korea age means "which year of your life are you on" and not "how many years have you been alive" (i.e. 19 = 19th year of your life = been alive for 18 years)
you could also technically use combining characters for 1-10 like 🔟⃠ but combining characters and emoji really like to be super inconsistent across platforms

@leo yeah, i recently wrote about how unicode uses too separate codepoints too much instead of using the combining features that we have for a reason

@ella my understanding is that that's been changing in recent unicode versions bc the process for getting an emoji sequence on the RGI list is much easier than the process for assigning a new codepoint
at least empirically in Emoji 13 Person Feeding Baby, Mx Claus, and Polar Bear are sequences when i would have expected them to be assigned a codepoint in past Unicode versions

@ella good thing you didn't post this on twitter or else they'd have already called your employer saying you're a pedophile
@ella me, my mum, and my sister left an abusive situation when I was 12.
Court shit dragged on for three years until I turned 15 and I was allowed to have a lawyer represent me
It was over in a matter of weeks after that.
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