further, are there any non-web mastodon clients that work well with the ?

@ella builtin chatty is OK if you don't require E2E encryption for all your contacts ;-). gajim is a decent client although not really made for mobile. YMMV...

@ella dino.im, even if it doesn't fit on the screen. I'm hoping that the git branch with libhandy support will be merged relatively soon.
@ella I don't have a #pinephone (yet!), but I've seen some folks using @dino It's a good client, though on desktop I cannot stand its "gnomish" interface, but on mobile -- it may even be convenient, who knows.
none yet. i have stopped using chatty for xmpp, because i couldn't turn off its notifications. maybe I'll try dino, too, one day

@ella there are some listed here, none of which I've tried: linmobapps.frama.io

@ella I use Tootle, and eventually Tokodon will be ready enough to recommend.

@ella Sorry, didn’t see the XMPP thing: I have tried Chatty, Gajim (which both worked with issues (Gajim did seem to have issues with PinePhone standby and with Chatty OMEMO was hit and miss) and have landed on the feature/handy branch of Dino.

@ella I've been using Dino, but I year Chatty is good. I haven't used it extensively because I had issues with it encrypting my chats.

Tootle is the only masto client I've used that works well.

I use #sxmo on my #pinephone so I think a CLI client might actually work well on it, like #profanity , but I haven't been able to install it yet to test.

Dino (GNU/Linux) & Blabber (f-droid). A fork of Conversations (f-droid). Both are great and Blabber has a better UI and some good new functions #XMPP

What functions do they have that #Conversations doesn't? I'm having a hard time differencing them...

In fnench,

Can't find the links with new features now, but

- Code on codeberg
- invidious for youtube links
- great tuto at start
Ard more

UI is more friendly

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