might keep this as a thread for meme templates without text

anyways here's the cat detector meme without text
if you need text removed from an image just ask and i'll try my best

part 4: tricky 

now let's see if you can get *this* one, it's a bit different
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oops! part 1 is supposed to be this instead (rows 7 and 8 changed)
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part 2: relatively easy, slightly less guessable 

once you're done with the first one, this one should be fairly easy
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here, a short message that you can decode (relatively easy, guessable)
good luck and don't forget to use CW for spoilers!

celeste chapter 5 spoilers, funny potentionally unintended feature 

this happens when you keep holding, for those who haven't tried it. excuse the quality
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smh can't believe the things people on here are doing

Personal server for trans moms <3