podcast recommendation on co-parenting with a narcissist, saneism, ~ 

A podcast on co-parenting with a narcissist (that assumes you yourselves are “the healthy and stable parent”… but it’s good to have those ideas and that motivation in mind either way, I guess.)


It’s so wholesome to dance with my kids 🥰

(disrupted) development of empathy in infants 

What? 😳 „In infancy, the refusal to respond to our cries for comfort pruned mirror neurons in our brains, reducing our capacity for empathy.“ from gottman.com/blog/neutrality-is Is this proven?

The sky above me:

[photo of a sunny blue sky with cirrus clouds and dark stratocumulus clouds below them coming in]

I am so humbled 🙀 @elilla invited me to be on her super cool mastodon instance. I am not yet sure what topics I’ll cover here. It feels a bit like this could be a new main account. But let’s see 😸✨🌸


Personal server for trans moms <3