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selfie with eye contact 

at least capitalism cannot stop me from looking cool

videogame caps, eye contact in video 


(on the same night that Mistress Elvira came out, her actor's name is Cassandra coincidence??? yes.)

Astrology is such a silly superstition. How come the orbit of such different classes of bodies as moons, planets, comets and stars would influence minutiae of people's love and professional lives, in a way that depends on something as arbitrary as when they got out of the uterus. And anyway the whole system is based on apparent positions of the stars centuries ago, everything has drifted and changed and was never updated, because astrologers stopped actually looking at the stars long ago, when science and magick tragically parted ways.

The Brazilian folk belief in "astral hell" is something I've never seen even among astrology girls from other countries, and I have no idea what's the theory behind it even under an astrology framework. It's like a supersition within a system of superstitions, the silliness of the silly. The idea is that the 30-day period preceding one's birthday is particularly unaspicious. It's a time you're told to be cautious and focus on survival, like the folklore around the dark December nights before the sun is born again. Of course, I would bet money that if you drew statistical analyses of people's life events, there wouldn't be any measurable extra negativity during those periods. Even "bad luck" is an ill-defined notion, it's just textbook selection bias. Hells do not exist. The last astral hell, for example, my whole academic career imploded. There's always something bad happening (I mean in this economy?), you just pick and choose your prefereed negative event during the assigned Persephone shadow period.

Anyway, my birthday is 21 october.

(closes eyes, slowly.)
(opens to look at nearest mirror.)
(breathes out, three times.)

for the record her gf is a gym muscle butch, because of course she is

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Elvira Mistress of the fucking Dark is gay stop everything bitches

yes I know water is wet, nobody ever looked at this and thought oh my chaste god what an incredibly straight woman, but **the** goth milf coming out like "oh btw this is my gf we been together what 19 years teehee"??? I wanted to be her so bad oh my satan

nonsense, cultural wars / transgender self-hate joke 

The year is 205x. The location of all catboy, possumgirl, and raccoonenby forest communes has been leaked by transmed defectors, as a precondition to join the Terf-Fash Alliance as tradwives. A parting radio transmission by transmed infiltrator Jessica Smith (she/her) to her girlfriend, catgirl diplomat Starlight Arsonist Earthsong (she/her), left us the following words, barely discernible under static and gunshots: "You liked kissing my XY jaws so you'll never be a real lesbian, trender".

Trans separatists see themselves forced into uneasy collectivisation with the majority-cis Bear/Otter Collective before the onslaughting common enemy. Unnoticed by all, tiny lesbian bunny Laburnum Silflay (she/they) defects alone, convinced she can locate the legendary Butch Horsenomad Tribe and secure a supply line of pregnant mare urine, "plus I mean they're butch horsenomads". That same night, as she stopped for water at a safe distance, Labby lifted her lapping lips from a nameless mountain pool to discover in the pitch-black mirror not just the waving reflection of the bright moon, but the smiling face of a hairy leathertwink…

The evilphone is dead, possibly forever, and I never figured out what's up with the USB port. Guess I never will.

I got it supposedly "new" from ebay and it had no signs of use, but it didn't charge. Then it did, and I decided to keep it experimentally, and eventually it returned to the "not charging" state past the limit for returns. Seller ghosted me.

Data USB never worked, only charging, and in the beginning it would go into the nonfunctional state every so often, but eventually it went stable. Until a couple days ago, and maybe for good. I bought the Pixel XL for the front camera, but that selfie with the red thong may be the last photo it ever took.

Things I tried include cleaning the connector every possible way including with compressed air, alcohol, dental picks etc., all kinds of wiggling and pressure variations, and a dozen different USB-C cables and chargers tested to work on other devices (and on this one, when it wants to). These actions never seemed to have any influence on whether it works or not. I'd give up and when I tried again the next day it just decided to charge again.

I'm not a hardware girl so it's frustrating to have no idea what it's doing :/ somehow it doesn't smell to me like the obvious (bad contacts), it feels microcontroly or firmwary, but these things are impossible to open or understand… I did find threads on problems that were at least similar but they always concluded with "I returned them to Daddy Google, he threw away the brand-new expensive device with its precious metals and toxic waste on a thirld-world burial dump and gave me a new one." I wish I could *fix* the thing.

ordered lavender/spelt wrist cushions for my new keyboard. capitalism is a drag but crafters are wonderful :chick_magic:

this phone thing is a huge hassle but obligatory reminder I'm one of the lucky ones.

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Might just buy an used phone, there's something to be said for the ecological value of that. An S10+ is going for ~250€, ~150€ if you accept screen damage, and would represent a hardware-level upgrade from the evilphone in selfie cameras (2 lenses with higher resolution on main). Plus it's LineageOS-supported. Major downside is hard-to-replace battery but unless you stay with the Fairphone that's hard to avoid

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fp3+: 16MP, 1/3.1" sensor, f2.0
liplay: 4.9MP, 1/5" sensor, f2.0


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I currently pay about 20€/mo to have a working phone/data line.

if I do a contract of 2 years and let's include the one-off payment for the phone and for connection, it totals some 34~35€/mo for phone+data at congstar or otelo.

if I get the fairphone2 and keep my current plan that would be ~25€/mo including the phone, or ~27€/mo if I change to a better data plan at congstar. and I decouple the "having a phone" from the change of providers, and don't have to stress abt not having my accessibility aid device with me out there.

the fp3 costs about 150€. by that money we could maybe just buy an instax liplay later and change our selfie habits? or dunno save up for a panasonic TZ90 and really up the selfie game… nah this is probably overkill -_-;

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someone's selling a pinephone for 250€ on kleinanzeigen btw, that's a pretty difficult-to-find pick for the price. I gave up on the pinephone when I found out the battery life is bad, but for those of you who've been looking for one.

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fairphone 2 going at 130€ on ebay, that's a fairly decent deal 🤔 should I take this? I like the 2 better than the 3 anyway, emotionally, I don't have particular needs for the higher processing power either. The only thing we care about, the only reason to want a nice phone is better selfies, but she cares a lot about selfies…

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bitching about Germany 

Ok so I'm used to dealing with deadname (I'm not) but apparently at my phone company I'm… Can Demir?? :thonking:​ at least give us a fem name :x Is this why the other one cancelled the contract?

And now they want me to send data on the last payment I did and which options I have where do I even find this out, and, of course, what else?, a form. Which means, of course, as always, going to a print shop, printing a thing, and signing a thing, and scanning the thing you printed, and sending them by email and a copy by post, as is tradition.

Have I mentioned how utterly exhausting I find the German fetish (non-sexual sense) for paper forms and telephones? It baffles me how they don't have printers in convenience stores when you have to print everything all the time. I am seriously tempted to get all of a printer, fax line, and fax machine, because it would be a significant life quality improvement. ("Fax" has the same authentication value as "post", i.e. official weight-of-authority verifiable full trust authentication, so more or less like Japan, except unlike Japan there are no printers in the convenience stores (actually they have them but only for photos, in photographic paper, don't ask me I only invaded the country))

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aand now the new one was cancelled :< contract was already paid and everything.

I was using cos I got a better deal for a congstar cellphone this way than directly at congstar. but now the first one says the second cancelled the contract, and for datenschutz reasons I can't know why. is it because I'm an immigrant? I know I'm being paranoid but why is it everybody keep mysteriously cancelling stuff as soon as I send in my noncitizen ID

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lots of emotions here as we try to access our whatsapp account in time for the umbanda class

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all very amusing and all but I didn't pay my Semsterticket and now I don't have the Forgerock OTP app to login to generate the pay order >.>

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this happens with y'all too, right? it's not just me, right?

true the evilphone charging pins were a bit wonky for a while, that's one of the reasons we decided to bite the bullet and sign a contract. but *today*, exactly immediately after finally getting our ass to do it, sign the contract everything, it suddenly stops charging. no cable works, no jiggling nothing. it got *petty*

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was already compiling the new kernel just in case it was a driver issue

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